Monday, October 29, 2012

My Life in Bangkok!

            I'm glad to be back here in my site it's been a long that i never open it. By the way, my life here in Bangkok is better right now. I am teacher @ Sirirattanathorn School Bangkok and my life was change, but before I become a teacher i had a lot of experience here in Bangkok. I became waiter in Mexican restaurant for 5 months while I am finding another good opportunities that which my Bachelor Degree belongs. and then after that i worked again @ Goodserve company I though that my job there will be successful but it's not, and then on the third time I found a good importunity to teach and I grab it and until now I'm happy to work as a teacher especially if you see your old students that studying already in the University.  

               What I'm saying is that don't give up in your life even you a lot of challenges in your life, because I know that GOD will provide our needs and he is the one will give you a successful life if you have faith in him.
                                                     GOD BLESS US ALL!!!